punkin patch

…as J. Bug calls it. It’s pretty much his favorite place in the world, mostly because he can run around as much as his heart desires.

More pumpkin patch photos to come! Right now things are still moving along with buying a house, so I’m up to my eyeballs in paperwork. The inspection showed no major issues, except (dun…dun…dunn….) the foundation. Apparently foundation issues are rampant in Texas (something about the clay soil), and it’s not a matter of if your house will need foundation work, but when. We’re prayerfully seeking God’s wisdom, but are relieved that we’ve been made aware of these issues before we buy the house! So we’re in the stage of negotiating inspection repairs (Shawn’s job) and getting our loan paperwork in order and approved (my job). I’ve done some light packing – mostly the just the junk in the boys’ closets – and we’re working on just taking life one day at at a time!


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