pumpkin patch part deuce

Our local pumpkin patch is seriously amazing. It’s so pretty and has a plethora of activities for kids – a playground, a play area with bales of hay and tires, old tractors for the kids to climb up, a hay house, a tiny tractor racing area, a petting zoo, a corn maze, and hay rides – to just name a few! The boys and I went a total of three times this season and I think we loved it more each time!

[We’ve trimmed up C. Bear’s hair since this photo, so he’s looking a little less like Paul McCartney]

[The boys playing on the kid-size tractors. Neither of their feet could touch the pedals, but that didn’t stop them from having fun!]

[That’s right. I got kettle korn on my bottom lip. Don’t be jealous.]

[This is a fantastic photo of me and Shawn…a little less fantastic of a photo of the boys.]
[Y’all, that was some dang good kettle korn. I like to say Shawn and I shared that bag, but the truth is I ate most of it by myself. I was trying to look sneaky when Shawn took this photo. After he snapped it he said, “You’re not gonna like that one. You look like you’re trying to be sexy eating popcorn.” Clearly I should just never try and be sexy. It’s obviously not working out well for me.]

[And for this photo, Shawn told me I look like I think I’m a celebrity. Maybe I am, Shawn. Maybe I am. Because this is a better-ish photo of the boys, this would be the photo we’d probably use if we did Christmas cards. We don’t, though. So if you’d like, you can print it off, grab a red Sharpie and write, “Merry Christmas!” across the side . Then stick it on your fridge, and it’s just like we sent you a Christmas card!]

[I can’t say why exactly, but I love this photo. Goofiness, and cuteness, and innocence, and sweetness…these are my boys.]

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