on the homefront

Don’t be mad at me, I tried to warn you. I tried to tell you my posting would be more scarce as we got closer to buying a house and moving. I’m sorry. Don’t hate me.

Shawn: Shawn is pretty much the best Dad in the world. Now, that’s not really anything new or surprising, I just feel like I should mention it. Our boys LOVE him and their faces just light up with joy when he comes home. He’s amazingly great at giving them his focused attention (which usually involves lots of wrestling, throwing around, hanging upside down, kissing, and squishing), and it’s almost like I can just SEE their little hearts filling right up.

So beyond working hard at winning Daddy of the Year, Shawn is doing great. He just got home from the Guys’ Retreat, which went well, though that means he’s pretty tired. He’s just as excited about the prospect of buying a home as I am, and we’re both working hard at making sure all of our ducks are in a row.

Jen: I’m feeling blessed and humbled. I’m well aware that I’ve done nothing to deserve the husband, kids, and life that God has given me, and I’m just lately feeling overwhelmed with how much I’ve been given.

I ran five miles for my long run this past weekend, which has me feeling a little like a rock star. I’ll be adding one mile a week until I’m prepared to run that half-marathon!

J. Bug: After a series of preschool reports detailing his choices to not stay on his nap mat during nap time and even needing to be taken to the “principal’s” office twice, I think J. Bug is finally making some progress. He had a substitute assistant teacher last week who apparently knew just how to get through to him. When the regular assistant came back, she took copious notes from the substitute, and tried the same tactics. Amazingly, it worked! I haven’t had a chance to talk to his teachers in detail about what they’re doing that’s working so well, but they have mentioned that it involves them flipping a switch in their tone. He apparently needs to realize that they are very serious, and speaking in a low, firm tone is what he needs to see that. They also mentioned that they put his hands up to his face, gently turn his eyes towards them, and use their hands as “blinders” to keep him from getting distracted. I’m just glad they’re finally getting to see that he IS very sweet and pleasant! His teacher actually teared up when she told me how proud of him she was, and what great decisions he’d been making.

My sweet Bug is continuing to be very, very talkative and likes to tell me every thought that crosses his adorable little mind. Usually three or four times, in fact. He’s saying sweet phrases like, “I not know!” (I don’t know!), and “I sure stand!” (I sure do understand!). He also loves to tell everyone we see what exactly we’re doing, “We goin’ on a walk!” “We go to store!” “We ride bus!” with delight and awe. I kind of absolutely love it.

C. Bear: Bear is getting fast! He can actually keep up with J. Bug – he swivels, he pivots, he dances, he’s got some moves! He’s also talking more and I’ve even been able to have some “conversations” with him. The word he most often says is a very deadpan, “Yeh.” When I ask if he wants to eat he says, “Yeh.” When I ask if he had fun at church, I get a, “Yeh.” If I ask Bear if he wants to go on a walk, he answers, “Yeh.” And when I ask if he’s ready for a nap, he vigorously shakes his head. He’s not saying the word, “no” yet, but he definitely knows what he’s saying when he says “Yeh,” and when he shakes his head “No.”

Aside from all the growing up he’s doing, Bear’s also getting a new tooth! The new tooth plus the time change has him being a little more whiny than usual, but hopefully we’ll get through it quickly and he’ll soon be back to his sweet self.

Okay, so will you forgive me for taking so long to post an update? Maybe next time I’ll even include some pictures…if you’re lucky!


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