punkin patch, part…um…a lot.

I’m hoping you won’t notice that I haven’t updated in awhile if I throw some really cute pictures at you.

He’s been doing this stick out his tongue thing when he’s concentrating. Apparently this is a trait inherited from Daddy – along with being really adorable and funny. 

See this cow? He looks innocent enough, right? 

That is, until he aggressively nudged J. Bug’s leg. This same cow also nudged my butt at some point, so I can attest to the fact that it was indeed aggressive, surprising, and maybe a little delightful.  

I would like to point out both J. Bug’s and Shawn’s faces in this next photo. This photo very well captures J. Bug’s look of DEATH, and Shawn’s look of DELIGHT. Yep, my husband delights in our kids’ misfortune. Don’t judge – it was funny. 

“What? I’ll do it again. Try me.” 

Did I successfully make you forget that I haven’t posted consistently? As I promised we’re pretty busy with signing our lives away for a house, and packing up every item we own to move across town. At some point, our stuff will successfully be in boxes. Those boxes will eventually get moved by very thoughtful and giving guys. Then those boxes will get unpacked in our dream house, and their contents will be carefully placed and organized. We will hang our photos on the walls, our boys will put their stains on the carpets and their voices through the hallways, and our family will – day by day – make our new house our home.

And then somewhere in there – probably right about the time our clothes get hung in the closets, we stop eating off of paper plates and unpack the “real” glasses, and we figure out where on earth we packed the bill organizer – somewhere in there I’ll find time to blog again.

Because as much as I love you guys, it turns out that making sure my boys adjust to the transition well, making sure I know where that dang bill organizer is, making sure we induct this house with our yelling, our praying, our wrestling, our cuddling, our ministry, our…quite frankly…crazy – making sure all THAT happens just holds a higher place of priority than making sure I give voice to my thoughts and share family experiences and photos.

Still, I do have lots of thoughts and a fair amount of photos to share, so worry not my friends! Until then, enjoy your week of Thanksgiving!


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