make your own face wash

When I found out I was pregnant with J. Bug, I spent some time with my good friend Google. I had such respect for the tiny life I was carrying, and did hours of research to find out what actions I could take to not only protect that little life, but to help him grow healthfully. Of course, I read all about limiting caffeine and staying away from paint fumes (and dang it if I didn’t have to give up my crack cocaine habit), but that stuff was no surprise. What really shocked me was how toxic all of my household cleaners and beauty products were.

After spending more time than I’d like to admit scouring the internet, I decided to replace all of our cleaners with homemade non-toxic alternatives. I kind of baby stepped this process (mostly so I didn’t freak out Shawn), and I’m glad to say now that ALL of our cleaning supplies are non-toxic. I love that my kids can eat food off our coffee or dining room table, and I don’t have to worry about the chemicals they’re ingesting. I can clean with them right by my side without worry of them breathing in any toxins or accidentally spilling the container. Not to mention it’s cheap as all heck. Most of my homemade cleaning supplies (minus the stuff I use for laundry) are a combination of vinegar, water, and baking soda. Sometimes I use hydrogen peroxide (a bleach alternative). Crazy inexpensive.

So now that I have a good grasp on homemade cleaning supplies, I’ve been highly interested in transitioning to a homemade beauty routine. I’m eventually hoping to make baby soap/shampoo for the kiddos, but I want to do all the experimenting on myself first. Since I couldn’t read half of the ingredients on my face wash, I decided that was probably a good place to start!

So if you’re interested in hippie-fying your makeup cleansing routine (with stuff you probably already have or can get super cheap), read on! 

{My main resource for this information was the Crunchy Betty blog}

1. Wash your face with honey and baking soda. The honey moisturizes and the baking soda scrubs – it’s a homemade mini microdermabrasion!

I used 1/2 Cup honey and 1/2 Cup baking soda. You can make as much or as little as you like, this little tin has lasted me a bit longer than six weeks. You can adjust this ratio according to your skin type – more honey and less baking soda for dry skin. More baking soda and less honey for oily skin.

Stir it together to get this beautiful looking (and smelling!) mixture.

The next step is to remove my eye makeup. Lots of different things will work for this, including extra virgin olive oil if you already have it in your pantry! I used grapeseed oil, and put it in a Burt’s Bees dropper that was empty. I just put a drop or two on my finger, smear the oil over my eye (especially my eyelashes since I only use waterproof mascara – a girl never knows when she’s going to need a good cry, after all), then wipe with a washcloth. It works better than any expensive eye makeup remover I’ve bought, it’s incredibly frugal, it’s non-toxic, AND it’s moisturizing.

The last step is toning your skin! I typically use apple cider vinegar (that I also put in a little dropper I had on hand), although witch hazel works as well. Apple cider vinegar can be found in most stores next to the regular vinegar, and witch hazel can be found in most stores – usually somewhere in the medicine aisles. I drop a few drops on my wash cloth and gently pat my face. Viola!

I didn’t really want to spend tons of money on a skin care system, so I just decided to do my own! I also love that I know the ingredients involved and am avoiding excessive fragrances. Hopefully being kind to my face (and my wallet!) will pay off with healthier, younger looking skin. In the six weeks since I’ve begun this routine, I’ve noticed a drastic difference in breakouts. As in, I haven’t had any. Zilch.

If you’re interested in making sure some of these ingredients are organic, check out Mountain Rose Herbs – my favorite shop for all things hippie. 

Okay, so now you know how to make your own teeth whitening mouthwash AND how to make your own make up remover/ face wash. You better watch it, or you might turn into a hippie, too. It’s contagious, you know!


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