hobnobbing with the big guy

I’m certain you can understand why blogging hasn’t been at the top of my to-do list lately. Actually, “blog” is quite literally the top of my to-do list, I just work on my list from the bottom up, so it’s technically on the bottom of my to-do list.

Say it with me, friends – organizational fuh-reak.

So as you can see, I haven’t been able to blog because I’ve been hobnobbing with a very important person. We went out on the town, he and I, and painted it a lovely shade of red.

Just so we’re clear, my blogging absence has nothing to do with the fact that Shawn has had mandatory PTO the week after Christmas. So obviously it wouldn’t be because we stay in our pajamas and cuddle with our boys until noon. The only reasonable explanation would clearly be because I’m hanging out with angry-eyebrows Santa. Obviously.

preschool christmas program

Is it weird that seeing my son as a shepard for his preschool Christmas program made me cry? Is it strange that I had all sorts of thoughts of how big he’s getting and how in the blink of an eye his Daddy and I would be taking pictures of him graduating high school?

Because I feel like maybe that’s just a smidge too much emotion to have while watching your son sing songs on stage for the first time.

Oh, but he didn’t just sing songs – he led his entire class onto the stage! See that cutie pie with the red head band and belt (and weirdly blurred out face)? Yeah, that’s my son. Leading his class onto the stage while I had visions of his wedding day. Too much? Okay, I’ll stop.

It was really sweet to watch him searching to find me and Shawn, and subsequently to watch his little face light up when he found us.

The program consisted of five or six preschool classes, and J. Bug’s class was in the red (those are his teachers in the yellow). Do you see the look on his face in the below picture? That was pretty much his look the entire program. Oh wait, there WAS one time that he picked his nose. And then there was another time that one of the teachers leaned over to him and said (I assume), “You gonna sing the songs, buddy?” And J. Bug very slowly shook his head “no.”

Seriously. That’s exactly the look he had the entire program. Shawn and I kind of loved it.

three more days!

Just three more days! Three more days until the day is finally here!

I love the idea of advent, of waiting expectantly. Eagerly. Excitedly. In anticipation and awe. Waiting to see what God is going to do, because it’s rarely what you think it will be. Just when you think it’ll be something obvious and splashy, He does something….humble. He does something that is huge and magnificent, but He wraps it up in Someone who is tiny, gentle, and poops a lot. The Israelites thought that Jesus would come as a conquerer. They thought He’d take over the government and that their lives would finally be easier as a King of their people would be in place.

Instead, God chose to send Him as the exact opposite of what they expected. Oh, how humble Jesus is! The Majestic One chose to be born as a baby, to be nursed, to be held, to be ssshh-ed. He chose to learn how to toddle, to make sweet babbles, to dance, to smile, to fuss. Can you imagine hearing the first laugh our Emmanuel uttered? Or seeing as the Son of God bled from a cut for the first time?

I love advent. I love taking the time to really ponder just how surprising my God is. No matter how much time I spend with Him, no matter how much I read about Him, talk to Him, study Him – I’m always surprised. When I think about that moment in history that we celebrate with Christmas, my heart is filled with awe. That He came as a baby and grew from a toddler to a young boy to a young man, to the man who hung on the cross overwhelms me. My sweet Jesus Christ. My sanity. My strength. My friend.

My Savior.

my first craft show

Several weeks ago, I attended my first craft show as a vendor and was a nervous wreck! I spent hours working on my display, pricing my products, and making sure I had all the supplies and items needed. It was a Christmas fair, so I had fun pulling out some of our Christmas decorations a little early! Speaking strictly of business, the craft fair wasn’t a huge success. However, I really appreciated the chance to get my craft fair ducks in a row and enjoyed networking with other local vendors. I’d really love to work towards showing off my Serwa Chic products are more local craft fairs, so this particular show was perfect practice!

goal update

Since I failed miserably at updating on my goal list at the end of November, I hope you don’t hate me if I go ahead and do it towards the end (ish) of December. Way back in the beginning of October I made eight goals that I wanted to try to accomplish by the end of February. I know you’ve lost a lot of sleep, wondering if I’m making progress on these goals, so I knew I needed to update you. It’s all for you, dear blog readers, it’s all for you.
1. Sign up for and train for a 1/2 marathon.

I’m kind of rocking this goal OUT! I signed up for a half marathon at the end of January and made a training schedule. I’ve run 11 miles so far, and even with moving and cold/flu season have mostly been able to stick to the schedule. I allowed lots of wiggle room for myself though, knowing that life just happens. I still have several weeks of work ahead of me, but I’m so pumped!

2. Finish saving for a home down payment.

Well, considering I’m type-itty typing away from our new home, I’d say check to this one.

3. Get 1,000 Facebook fans for the Serwa Chic business page.

I’ve added about 80 fans, but still have a little over 200 more to go before I get to 1,000. I’ll have to start getting creative about working towards this one!

4. Contact local boutiques three times.

Um…I haven’t even touched this goal. Oops!

5. Develop a cleaning schedule (bi-weekly and monthly).

Check! I’ll have to share my system at some point, but this has been a great addition to my life. I’m less stressed about cleaning, and I know that things are getting cleaned on a regular basis. Total win!

6. Develop a plan for teaching Bug scripture.

Check! We’ve memorized three scriptures as a family, and J. Bug has really taken to the idea.

7. Take more photos/videos of Bear.

Working on it. I could be doing better, so this is a great reminder to get the camera out to capture his scrumptiousness!

8. Simplify budgeting/re-allocate monthly spending.

I’ve been working on this one and have a re-allocated budget for 2012. I’m still trying to find a good solution for simplifying budgeting for me, though.

Okay, now you may slumber peacefully knowing how we’re doing in our attempt at attaining these eight goals. Don’t worry, I’ll update again at the end of January with a final update at the end of February. Breathe easy, my friend. Breathe easy.

And while you’re at it – how about setting a few goals of your own? I’d love to hear about them!