advent calendar

It’s funny how little sewing I usually do for my own family. Shawn occasionally hands me pants that need the holes sewn up, or shirts that need a button re-attached – projects that take an entire ten minutes to do. Fifteen if you count threading the machine.

Easy peasy.

And yet those projects always get put to the bottom of my list. And that one pair of jeans slowly grows into a pile of jeans, shirts, blankets – until I can’t deny any longer that it must be addressed.

So when Patrice called me with an advent calendar idea for our boys, I jumped on the chance to make something meaningful for our family. Knowing that a dear friend was counting on me to get it made before December 1st gave me just the push I needed to make the project a priority! Patrice and I discussed in detail the layout of the calendar, and did plenty of research on Etsy and Pinterest. In the end, we decided a pocket calendar gave us both the most flexibility in our different homes and allowed room for our various activities. I started searching for the fabric for this project in July, started cutting the fabric in September, and began sewing in October. See? It takes me FORever to make personal projects!

And just so you’re aware, I broke six…yes, six…needles on this dang calendar. Hmph.

Also, this was the first time I’d ever painted with stencils, so there were a few less than professional numbers on the calendars:

I had so much fun making these advent calendars, but I’ve had even more fun doing the activities each day. I love wondering which activity will come next, I love that we’re invited to step out of our comfort zones, and I absolutely love that I have an opportunity – every day – to teach my boys that Christmas isn’t about presents and candy. And let’s be honest, it’s a lesson I happen to need some help learning, too.

*For a peek into what our “master list” of activities is – and to get some ideas for your own advent activity calendar – check out Patrice’s blog!


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