remember that time we bought a house?

And not just any house, our dream house? Remember how – after we moved in – we just looked around in awe? And how even now, even after being here for three weeks we still find ourselves in disbelief that we live here? Can you believe we live in Texas? Can  you believe we have two children? For that matter, can you believe we’re married? I swear, some days I still feel like I’m fifteen. Then I kiss my husband, cuddle with my kids, and look around at my dream house, and realize…I’m an adult.

Holy cow. I can’t say I love the bill paying/stressed out/my back hurts part of being an adult. But when I look at my family, the blessings God has given me, and my no longer acne-prone skin, I gotta admit…

Growing up is kind of fantastic.


2 thoughts on “remember that time we bought a house?

  1. I so wish I would’ve taken a picture of us signing our lives away… such an exciting moment. Happy for you guys. Mucho love.


  2. When do we get to see the dream house??

    I feel the same way, I look around my house at least once a day and just feel so blessed. I love our house, I love my family. Life is good.

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