baking with my bug

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the excuse to regularly bake. And by “regularly,” I mean pretty much every night. Remember that time I lost 65 pounds? I did not accomplish it by making white chocolate covered pretzels twice in one week. Just sayin’.

However, I happen to have a three-year old who LOVES to help in the kitchen, so make white chocolate covered pretzels twice in one week I did! J. Bug and I like to wear matching Starbucks aprons when we’re working in the kitchen. In these photos you can sort of see our dining room/kitchen, but I promise that actual photos of our new home will be coming soon!

{When Shawn told J. Bug to smile, he looked at me and made that face. My face is my genuine response to his cutie pie mug lookin’ at me.}

{Oh my gosh, he looks thirteen in this photo. Little boy growin’ up way too fast!}

{J. Bug insisted on taking a photo of me, but kept lowering the camera further and further. This is the photo he got.}

Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a batch of my Mom’s famous carmel corn that’s just waiting to be eaten. And wouldn’t you know it, I happen to be pretty good at the eating of the carmel corn. We can’t just let great talent like that go to waste, after all.


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