photo tour of the new house

I know you might tired of hearing me say this, but we bought a house. We bought a house in Texas. We bought our dream house in Texas. Can we all take a moment to just realize how weird that is? So. Very. Weird.

At some vague point in the future, I do plan on taking photos of the outside of the house and the inside plus our furniture, but I figured empty house photos were better than none. Once we got the keys, we went right over to take these pictures. Truthfully, we haven’t done much besides move in our junk and put photos, etc. on the walls. So just picture our furniture in these rooms and you pretty much have a good idea of what our home looks like right now. 🙂

{When you walk in the front door, this room is to the right. It was probably meant to be a formal dining room, but we’re not really formal dining room people. Instead, this is Shawn’s study. We have a couch, Shawn’s “Daddy chair,” and a huge bookcase in there right now. It’s quite possibly Shawn’s fave room of the house!}

{Pretty obviously, these are photos of the kitchen and dining area. Shawn and I are both madly in love with this space!}

{As you walk out of the kitchen into the living room, this is what you see. From where I was standing to take this photo, the back door is to my right}

{The living room, facing the fireplace and the kitchen. The fireplace is gas which is awesome. As an aside, we’ve found that most homes in Texas have fireplaces. Why does a state known for its heat have fireplaces? I have no idea. But we’re kind of loving it.}

{When you’re standing in the living room and look to your right, this is what you see. That white door is the front door.}

{The laundry room with the stained concrete flooring that I love.}

{The master bedroom. I have no idea why the left half of the room is missing. It’s there, just not in this picture.}

{The master bathroom. We hope to re-tile it at some point, but the bathroom is heee-uge! That opening at the far end is the little cubby for the toilet. Again, Texans are weird.}

{The master closet, which is very likely my favorite room. I wish I were kidding, but I love it. Love. It.}

{When you walk up the stairs, this open room is to your left. It’s the boys’ play room. Through that door you see is my Serwa Chic office/ guest bedroom. You see that -family and friends? Guest room. Just for you. :)}

{When you walk up the stairs, this “bridge” is to your right. We’ve had so much talking to the boys from downstairs! If you look over the ledge to the right, you’ll see the front door and study. If you look to the left, you’ll see the living room.}

{The view from the bridge of the living room – and Shawn standing on the fireplace.}

{The view from the bridge to the right – the front door.}

{C. Bear’s room. Yeah, it’s purple. No, we haven’t painted it. Yes, we’ll invest in therapy.}

{The boys’ bathroom upstairs.}

{J. Bug’s room}
{Serwa Chic office/ Guest room}
{The half bathroom downstairs. The walls look purple, but are actually a bluish grey. These floors are also the stained concrete, and the toilet is to the left.}


4 thoughts on “photo tour of the new house

  1. Jen, it’s beautiful! I’m so happy for you guys! (And kind of really jealous of your awesome master closet and all your great big windows! You must have amazing natural light during the day!)

  2. Jenn, it’s actually a little dark during the day, except for in the kitchen. I don’t mind it though, that means it probably stays pretty cool in the summer. But yeah, lots of natural light through the windows! Krista, thank you!!1

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