goal update

Since I failed miserably at updating on my goal list at the end of November, I hope you don’t hate me if I go ahead and do it towards the end (ish) of December. Way back in the beginning of October I made eight goals that I wanted to try to accomplish by the end of February. I know you’ve lost a lot of sleep, wondering if I’m making progress on these goals, so I knew I needed to update you. It’s all for you, dear blog readers, it’s all for you.
1. Sign up for and train for a 1/2 marathon.

I’m kind of rocking this goal OUT! I signed up for a half marathon at the end of January and made a training schedule. I’ve run 11 miles so far, and even with moving and cold/flu season have mostly been able to stick to the schedule. I allowed lots of wiggle room for myself though, knowing that life just happens. I still have several weeks of work ahead of me, but I’m so pumped!

2. Finish saving for a home down payment.

Well, considering I’m type-itty typing away from our new home, I’d say check to this one.

3. Get 1,000 Facebook fans for the Serwa Chic business page.

I’ve added about 80 fans, but still have a little over 200 more to go before I get to 1,000. I’ll have to start getting creative about working towards this one!

4. Contact local boutiques three times.

Um…I haven’t even touched this goal. Oops!

5. Develop a cleaning schedule (bi-weekly and monthly).

Check! I’ll have to share my system at some point, but this has been a great addition to my life. I’m less stressed about cleaning, and I know that things are getting cleaned on a regular basis. Total win!

6. Develop a plan for teaching Bug scripture.

Check! We’ve memorized three scriptures as a family, and J. Bug has really taken to the idea.

7. Take more photos/videos of Bear.

Working on it. I could be doing better, so this is a great reminder to get the camera out to capture his scrumptiousness!

8. Simplify budgeting/re-allocate monthly spending.

I’ve been working on this one and have a re-allocated budget for 2012. I’m still trying to find a good solution for simplifying budgeting for me, though.

Okay, now you may slumber peacefully knowing how we’re doing in our attempt at attaining these eight goals. Don’t worry, I’ll update again at the end of January with a final update at the end of February. Breathe easy, my friend. Breathe easy.

And while you’re at it – how about setting a few goals of your own? I’d love to hear about them!


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