three more days!

Just three more days! Three more days until the day is finally here!

I love the idea of advent, of waiting expectantly. Eagerly. Excitedly. In anticipation and awe. Waiting to see what God is going to do, because it’s rarely what you think it will be. Just when you think it’ll be something obvious and splashy, He does something….humble. He does something that is huge and magnificent, but He wraps it up in Someone who is tiny, gentle, and poops a lot. The Israelites thought that Jesus would come as a conquerer. They thought He’d take over the government and that their lives would finally be easier as a King of their people would be in place.

Instead, God chose to send Him as the exact opposite of what they expected. Oh, how humble Jesus is! The Majestic One chose to be born as a baby, to be nursed, to be held, to be ssshh-ed. He chose to learn how to toddle, to make sweet babbles, to dance, to smile, to fuss. Can you imagine hearing the first laugh our Emmanuel uttered? Or seeing as the Son of God bled from a cut for the first time?

I love advent. I love taking the time to really ponder just how surprising my God is. No matter how much time I spend with Him, no matter how much I read about Him, talk to Him, study Him – I’m always surprised. When I think about that moment in history that we celebrate with Christmas, my heart is filled with awe. That He came as a baby and grew from a toddler to a young boy to a young man, to the man who hung on the cross overwhelms me. My sweet Jesus Christ. My sanity. My strength. My friend.

My Savior.


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