preschool christmas program

Is it weird that seeing my son as a shepard for his preschool Christmas program made me cry? Is it strange that I had all sorts of thoughts of how big he’s getting and how in the blink of an eye his Daddy and I would be taking pictures of him graduating high school?

Because I feel like maybe that’s just a smidge too much emotion to have while watching your son sing songs on stage for the first time.

Oh, but he didn’t just sing songs – he led his entire class onto the stage! See that cutie pie with the red head band and belt (and weirdly blurred out face)? Yeah, that’s my son. Leading his class onto the stage while I had visions of his wedding day. Too much? Okay, I’ll stop.

It was really sweet to watch him searching to find me and Shawn, and subsequently to watch his little face light up when he found us.

The program consisted of five or six preschool classes, and J. Bug’s class was in the red (those are his teachers in the yellow). Do you see the look on his face in the below picture? That was pretty much his look the entire program. Oh wait, there WAS one time that he picked his nose. And then there was another time that one of the teachers leaned over to him and said (I assume), “You gonna sing the songs, buddy?” And J. Bug very slowly shook his head “no.”

Seriously. That’s exactly the look he had the entire program. Shawn and I kind of loved it.


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