{The little stinker refuses to keep his shoes and socks on, and always insists on taking the right one off first. Good thing most people don’t notice, since they’re so busy staring at those chunker cheeks and those sweet eyes.}

Shew. I love me some holidays, but there’s always a little part of me that enjoys putting the decorations up, the chocolate chips away (ish), and turning off the Christmas carols. It’s the little part of me that I like to call OCD, but I think most people enjoy kind of getting back into the rhythm of life after Thanksgiving, Christmas, My Birthday, and New Year’s.

{Yeah, My Birthday deserves capatalization. My blog, my rules.}

Rather than boring you with the details of each of those events, I’ll just wrap it up by saying we had a lovely holiday season. It really was a very nice and much needed break with our sweet family of four!


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