christmas day (pt. 1)

{We had originally planned on waking the boys up to open presents before we had to get ready for church, but it turned out that Shawn and I enjoyed sipping our coffee and exchanging our presents too much to get them up. Bug woke up and had just enough time to open two presents before we needed to get dressed for church.}

{Bug insisted on taking a photo of Mommy and Daddy}

{When we got home from church, we got back into our PJs and the boys opened their stockings!}

{Um. Hello. Is my husband insanely handsome, or what?}

{Opening presents is very serious business!}

After stockings, we opened the presents under the tree…photos coming soon!


2 thoughts on “christmas day (pt. 1)

  1. Bug did a great job on the photo. He got the most important parts of his Mommy and Daddy. Their hearts. Love you guys and miss you lots.
    Love, Rhonda

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