frivolous friday

Can you believe that I’ve been blogging since 2008? That’s four years, and that’s a LOT of blog posts. I’m not normally a very talkative person, but apparently…I actually have quite a bit to say! I started off with a Blogger blog, but moved to WordPress as my readership grew and I became uncomfortable with my kids’ names and information being out “there” for the world. Mind you, I don’t seem to mind some of my most personal thoughts and experiences being out there…but you probably already knew that.

I blog mostly as an excuse to get out of scrapbooking. This blog IS my scrapbook, and I happen to think it’s a pretty kick-butt way to remember all those precious moments and photos.

You bored yet? Me too, I’ll wrap this up.

So because there’s a whole nother blog with memories and stories of many, many moons ago I’ve been thinking that once a week I’ll re-post one of the original posts. Eventually I’ll just get rid of that blog entirely, but it’ll be okay because all those stories will be HERE!

I’ll likely post them on Fridays because those are Shawn’s days off, and he gets cranky if I take too much time blogging. By “cranky,” I mean he insists that we need to cuddle more. I have it rough, I tell ya.

So here are a couple of my very first blog posts EVER!


Shawn and I had our ultrasound this morning. It was truly amazing to hear the heartbeat, and to even see the baby’s heart beating. The nurse said that everything looked great and everything was where it was supposed to be! We are officially 6 weeks and 4 days along, which is where they guessed, but now that they’ve seen the size of the baby…it’s definite. AND, our official due date is November 9th. We are honestly in awe of our God, who is the Creator and Sustainer of life. We’re so grateful to be stewards of this baby.

Tuesday night I started spotting again (augh!), except this time there were more symptoms that were a bit alarming. Shawn and I tried not to be too worried, and I called my doctor the next morning…thinking they would tell it wasn’t that big of a deal and to call them back if anything more serious happened.

Instead, they asked me come in within the hour.

So Shawn and I went and were sent straight to the ultrasound room. It was slightly encouraging to know that my cervix wasn’t showing signs of miscarriage, but I was anxious to find out if everything was really okay. Our ultrasound tech did the ultrasound, and the baby is perfect. Absolutely perfect. In fact, it was really amazing to see how much the baby had grown since our ultrasound on Thursday. We could see that he/she has gotten bigger already. We saw a gray mass that the tech told us was the baby’s forming brain (which wasn’t there last time). The baby also had little arm and leg buds growing…he/she kind of looked like a little teddy graham in there. Actually, the baby is probably about the size of a teddy graham! We also got to hear the heartbeat again, which has gone up from 130 last week to 167. It was frustrating to have to make yet another trip to the doctor, but I know we’re both relieved to know for sure that everything is fine. Shawn said that if we keep going at this rate, we’ll have an ultrasound every week and be able to have a flip book of Baby’s development. 🙂


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