sir cranks-a-lot

When J. Bug decides he’s going to be a cranky-butt, there’s no changing his mind. Don’t try to make him laugh, that just makes it worse. Don’t try to change the subject, that produces whining. Don’t try to bribe him to happiness, that just produces more whining. The best thing to do is just ignore him until he decides he’s going to be happy. Or at least less cranky.

Like Christmas morning, for example. I hope you enjoy the many faces of our very own Sir Cranks-A-Lot:

It didn’t go unnoticed that Shawn is the only one to get anything close to a smile out of him that morning. Whatevs. It’s not like I know him better than anyone else or anything. Not like I spend my day doing silly dances and singing silly songs to make him smile. Not like I play hours of cars just so his little heart is filled with knowing that he’s loved.

Yeah, whatevs. Don’t smile. See if I care.

Despite Bug’s fantastic ability to stay in a bad mood, he was all kinds of chipper and happy when we picked him up from the church childcare. We did indeed continue to have a fantastic Christmas Day filled with many a-smile, many a-giggle, and many a-cuddle. Still, you and I both know I’d sing, dance, and play cars all day long with that boy – even if decided to stay cranky indefinitely. Luckily though, Sir Cranks-A-Lot is no match for his nemesis – Mommy Stubborn Can Wait Out Even The Worst Fit-A-Lot. Mwah-ha-ha!


2 thoughts on “sir cranks-a-lot

  1. Jude’s cranky look looks so familiar! And no, it’s not me looking in the mirror:) Let us know if you want to skype sometime Kiddo!!

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