a quick update

It’s officially cold and flu season around here. I won’t bore you with the details, but our family is going on two weeks of fevers, coughs, mucus, vomiting, aches, nausea, and let’s be honest – whining. I’m not sure what all our family caught, but I’m fairly certain it was more than one strain of sickness, and I’m grateful that we seem to be mostly on the mend.

Prolonged sickies is one of the things that makes me both grateful and grumble about being a stay at home Mom. How blessed we are that Shawn doesn’t have to miss work when J. Bug had to stay home from school on Friday. How nice that even two weeks of our family members dropping like flies doesn’t affect Shawn’s ministry or change his work hours. What a blessing that I have the option of staying in my pajama pants and cuddling my sickies for as many days as it takes them to recover!


Even though my “work” is generally much less pressing, it IS frustrating to feel behind. Most of my Serwa Chic work lately has been computer-related, so I haven’t gotten too far behind there. But the house? Pretty much a mess. The laundry? Overflowing. My patience? Not at all where I’d like it to be.

The demeanor and behavior of my children pretty much dictates my schedule, so when they’re sick…plus I’m sick…plus Shawn’s sick…anything beyond taking care of the sickies pretty much goes out the window.

I’m finally starting to feel better though, and with that has come a much rosier outlook. I wish I could say the whining these past couple of weeks has solely come from the children in the household, but let’s just say I’ve done my fair share of whining myself.

And on that note, my to-do list is staring at me. Taunting me with tasks undone and plans unraveled. Dang it if I won’t conquer that list now that we’re all starting to feel better. Hopefully with a little less grumbling and a little more patience than I’ve been expressing, but conquer it I will!


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