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Full House Makes Me Cry…

How pathetic is that?! I was watching an episode yesterday in which Jesse and Becky have their twins. They were lying in the birthing bed together after the birth (while Becky’s makeup and hair were perfectly done, of course), holding their sons….and I just could not stop the tears.I’m such a weirdo lately.

I have a definite little pooch that wasn’t there before! Most of the time I don’t think people can notice just by looking at me, but I have found that most of my pants don’t fit me anymore. I’ve ordered something called the “Bella Band,” which should help me not need maternity pants right away. It’s nice to have some evidence that there’s a baby in there, and I know Shawn’s really excited about it.

Most of you know that I was training for a half marathon before I got pregnant, and many people have asked me lately what my plans are for running. Obviously, any official training is out the window, and I won’t be running the races I had planned, either. Though I desperately want to, I haven’t run since I found out I was pregnant. At first, it was fear. Shortly after (and since then), it’s been because I’m so tired and nauseated all the time. If I have to pick between going for a run or taking a quick nap…the nap seems to win every time!

I’m already starting to feel some improvements in both the fatigue and morning sickness department, so I’m hoping that as I progress towards the second trimester I’ll be able to be more active (running, walking, prenatal yoga). I find myself jealous of other runners when I see them, and looking longingly at my running shoes. I desperately want to get back out there, but want to take care of myself first. As if you had any doubt, I know, but I’m so amazed at how wonderful Shawn is being through all of this. I know he doesn’t necessarily understand what’s going on with my hormones, but he weathers the storms with strength. He’s been so patient and tender with me, which is usually what I need the most.

From experience, he’s learned that if I’m feeling sick, I probably need to eat. If you’ve been pregnant before, you probably understand that when you feel sick, the very last thing you want to do is eat. He’s very, very good at gently “making” me eat. I always complain about it, but I’m always grateful. I’ve also been overwhelmed with the list of “do’s” and “dont’s” of pregnancy, and Shawn’s been awesome about helping me remember those things (like soft cheese….I still don’t really understand what constitutes soft cheese, much less be aware of if the salad I’m ordering contains it). I’m so grateful for him, and I’m so grateful that we’re a team in this. On par with my last journal entry, I’ve been trying to figure out how to handle the “tummy touchers” in my life. I’ll elaborate more later on why it bugs me so much, but do any of you have advice on how to let people know gracefully that I’d really rather they not touch me?


I’m so weird. I mentioned in the last journal/blog/…whatever…that I would try and explain a little bit better about why I’d prefer people to not touch my stomach. I’ve seriously thought about this for days, and you know…I really can’t come up with a good reason. The best I can do is this- I just don’t like it. It takes a lot for me to be super affectionate with someone, so maybe I have a weird thing about physical boundaries? I understand that it’s just an extension of some people’s excitement, but it just seems rude to me. Most especially if you’re not family or a close friend. I’m not a fan of random people assuming it’s okay. At this point, I’m almost 10 weeks and am a little insecure by how much I’m showing already, which I’m sure only adds to my discontent with people poking at me. And then there’s the fact that I already have this feeling that my body has become public property at every doctor’s visit we have. Our OB office is great, but I can’t help feeling that they poke and prod pretty much everything they can find when we go. I’ve been told that it only gets worse as time goes on. Perhaps my aversion to the tummy touching is an effort to maintain some sort of privacy?…or it just boils down to me being a weirdo.My friend Krista sent me a link to a t-shirt website with some really cute (and some really crass…so be warned if you go there) maternity shirts. Shawn and I saw one that said, “You can touch my belly if I can punch you in the face,” and we both just lost it. One of the funniest things I’ve ever read.


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  1. Hi Sweetie: It seems as though Rache talks to me about a certain aspect of being pregnant, and then your blogs looking back addresses that issue:) For example….people touching the belly. I forward them on to Rache, and I know it makes her feel better knowing her feeling aren’t unusual. Please give hugs and kisses from Grammy to Jude and Cohen, and make sure they give give you a big hug and kiss from me:) I love you all Jen. Love, Mom

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