flashback videos!

You may remember that one of my goals for the Fall and Winter was to take more photos and videos of our sweet Bear. He’s fallen victim to the typical second born syndrome, and I wanted to make sure I document his ever changing life with as much fervor as I did Bug’s. Thanks to that goal, I’ve been more conscious of breaking out the camera to capture his infectious smile and funny personality. As I was recently uploading and categorizing those photos and videos, I ran across a few videos I haven’t yet shared.

…like this one time he smiled for the first time. When we tried to film it, he naturally immediately stopped any such smiling. Didn’t stop us from trying, though!

Untitled from jennyerally speaking on Vimeo.

Then there was that time he turned one year old. After a fun day at the Ft. Worth stockyard, we fed our little cowpokes some Riscky’s Barbeque and gave Bear a 1st Birthday cupcake. In contrast to Bug’s first birthday cake reaction – he looked at the cake like we just put a plate of roasted cow brain on his high chair and refused to touch it – Bear dove in with the same fervor and gusto he dives into each and every meal he eats.

Boy loves him some food.

Untitled from jennyerally speaking on Vimeo.

…And we love us some of that boy!


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