insert smiley face

I hope you’re not expecting smiley faces from me from here on out. Or the number zero. Or parenthesis.

‘Cause you’re not gettin’ any of them.

I planned a Skype date with one of my North Carolina small group girls a couple of weeks ago. We planned it for Wednesday after church, so I hurried home and hurried to get the boys to bed. I was running late, so I quickly grabbed myself a glass of water and flipped up the top of my laptop to log into Skype.

I set the water on the counter next to my computer. At least that’s what my brain did. Apparently my hand didn’t get the memo, because it held onto the water and brought the glass – completely filled to the top – right on top of my opened laptop. I gasped and uttered, “oh no!” apparently believing that if I stood there and stared at my water-soaked computer I’d be able to convince my laptop that this didn’t just happen. In slow motion I finally grabbed a nearby towel, but my computer had already shut itself down.

Y’all my computer was soaked. Soaked. I tipped it on its side and the water just poured out from the inside. I’m no computer genius, but I don’t think mechanical parts should be bathed like that.

I did what any logical person would do. I closed the laptop lid and propped my Macbook on its side against the wall with a towel underneath it. I then proceeded to call my small group girl and we chatted for a little over an hour. During the course of that hour I tried occasionally to power my computer back up. Most of the time it just stared at me blankly with its black screen practically shouting, “MORON!”

When Shawn got home, he told me to open the lid and try to let it dry out overnight. I did, but kept checking to see if it would miraculously power up. It did not.

The first thing I did when I woke up the next morning was to press that power button and my hopes rose as I heard the familiar chime and saw that sweet, sweet apple on my screen.

Yes, friends. My computer works. When I realized that I had lost no documents, information, photos, or anything at all, I was entirely too giddy considering I had yet to drink my morning coffee.

However, there was one casualty in the whole affair. My zero button fell victim, apparently drowning in a sea of tap water. Would you like to see what happens when I press the zero button? Here, let me show you:


See that? Nothing. It turns out that finding a workaround to the zero button isn’t that hard. I just do some fancy copying and pasting, and voila – I got myself all the zeros my heart could desire.

No, the real problem lies in the fact that the parenthesis isn’t working. And without a parenthesis button, how do you expect me to sideways smile?! Sure, I can make lots of other emoticon faces:

: /       : (       : }     : P     : – B     : %

I made that last one up.

But a simple smile? Can’t do it.

Let that be a lesson learned, my friends. Let that be a lesson learned.


4 thoughts on “insert smiley face

  1. I think you can survive without your zero but I would DIE if I couldn’t make parenthetical remarks. (Seriously.)

    Sad day, Friend. Sad day.

  2. 1 – Thanks Mom! 2- Patrice, it’s been harder than I would’ve thought to have the parenthesis. Turns out I use them a lot more than I thought! 3 – Shane, you kind of made my day. It literally never crossed my mind to do a smilie face with the other parenthesis. It’s a new – smiley – day! ( :

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