c. bear and the dreadful ear infection

C. Bear has been quite the sight to behold lately, let me tell ya. His eyes have been puffy and red, and weird greenish-brown goop has encrusted most of his eyelashes. I took him to his well check up on Monday, but I had feeling they’d have to put off the vaccines until he was healthier. They still weighed and measured him, and he was 31 inches long and weighed 2o lbs. 11 oz.

J. Bug went with us, and when I asked him how tall he thought his brother would be he answered, “Hmmmm. A ‘lil shorter.”

The doctor let us know that C. Bear is in the 5th percentile for height and the 15th percentile for weight, so he’s growing along the growth curve just perfectly. Bear’s development seems to be right on target as well, and he pretty much charmed the doctor and the nurses!

When our doctor went to check on Bear’s ears though, his view was pretty obstructed by a build up of wax. I guess my kid has excessively waxy ears, because at every doctor appointment they have to take a long pokey thing and dig out the wax. Bear was particularly fussy this time however, and the wax was particularly difficult to get. This resulted in me needing to hold his arms down while the doctor poked in his ears. The sweet boy’s inner ears were so swollen that both began to bleed a  bit, and the doctor had to put cotton in his ears to help stop the bleeding. Bear’s first ever ear infection was a doosy- a double ear infection so severe, the doctor was shocked that Bear was eating or sleeping at all.

We were given a prescription that I drove to fill at Target immediately. With both boys in tow, I was quite the sight to behold.

J. Bug was sitting in the front of the Target cart, and was surprisingly chipper. He loudly – and enthusiastically – exclaimed over almost everything he saw. From the toilet paper to the Curious George lunchbox…he made sure everyone knew exactly what he thought of it. In contrast, C. Bear was basically a melted, goopy puddle on my shoulder. I brought his special blanket with me, the one thing to which Bear is attached and gives him comfort. So I draped the – rather large – pink and blue blanket over my shoulder, while C. Bear laid in my arms on the blanket. He had begun to bleed through the cotton in one of his ears, so there were trickles of red coming out of the goopy-eyed boy’s ear.

Bear was in so much pain, and no matter how much “shhh-ing” and cuddling I did, he perked his head up every two or three minutes and just wailed. The pharmacist told me the wait would be about twenty minutes. I have a feeling they put us on the express list after they saw the hot mess that was my youngest son.

So many people stopped to stare at us during those twenty minutes that I lost count, but I got the most looks when I dared to ask J. Bug to move to the bucket of the cart. As a reward for my apparently ridiculously unreasonable request, Bug proceeded to shout throughout the store, “I DON’T WANT BE IN BAAAAAAAAACK!”

Naturally, the ear infection monster got riled up by the tantrum-thrower in the back of the cart, and they graced the innocent bystanders of Target with a chorus of screaming that likely had some looking up the number for CPS.

I moved Bug back to the coveted front of the cart spot, calmed Bear down, and tried to find something to amuse my boys for just a few more minutes. All was good. Or at least less miserable…until the pharmacist handed me Bear’s medicine. At that point, Bug repeated the same back-of-the-cart incident, but this time he screamed, “I NEED MEDICINE! I SICK TOO! I NEED MEDICINE!”

Since I had the goods in hand by then, I just walked as quickly as I could without raising shoplifting suspicions and booked it on out of the store. Sometimes I think motherhood is one long lesson in humility.

Since Bear’s been on the meds, he’s slowly and surely getting less goopy-eyed and less whiny. As for me, I’m still cuddling the ear-infection monster and the tantrum-thrower…and I may or may not be avoiding Target for just awhile longer.


2 thoughts on “c. bear and the dreadful ear infection

  1. Hey Sweetie: Are you sure that most of the looks weren’t looks of “that poor Mom”? By the way…..Cohen gets his waxy ears from you:) I can tell you stories….. You all are in my prayers Jen.


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