a conversation with cars

As I hung out with Jude in his room the other day, I watched this conversation between two of his cars:

Car 1: Hey, let’s play! Pwease, I want to pway wif you. Pwease, let’s pway!

Car 2: I can’t pway right now. 

Car 1: Pweeeease. I want to play wif you. 

Car 2: I can’t pway right now. I too busy working. You need pway by yourself. 

Car 1: [disappointed] Ooookay. 


Car 1: I pway by myself! Doo-doo, dee-dee! 

Car 2: Okay, I all done now! I can pway wif you! 

Car 1: Yay! Let’s pway racers! 

Car 2: Okay, I love to play racers wif you! 

As I listened to the beginning of J. Bug’s conversation, I was very indignant that someone would not want to “pway” with my love. How convicted I was when I realized that person was me. Even though I recognize that independent play is important, and I was pleased to see that Bug recognizes that I will play with him if he’s patient….my heart still broke just a little. I’m doing my best today to say, “not right now” a little less often and “Okay, I love to play racers with you!” a little more often.

After all, pwaying wif that sweet boy is not a duty. It’s a privilege.



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