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Smell My Orange Juice…

We’ll be 14 weeks along on Sunday, and I just cannot believe how quickly the first trimester has gone! I recently went through my wardrobe and put about half of it away to wear again in six months. Getting to wear maternity clothes is kind of like getting an all new wardrobe for nine months!

I have realized that I don’t mind people touching my belly nearly as much as I thought I would. At our last Worth the Wait performance, a few of the girls touched my tummy, uninvited. It took me back for a second, but I certainly wasn’t annoyed. I also have a Jr. High girl in my small group who comes up to me, puts one hand on my belly and the other on my back and says in all of her glorious southern accent, “You takin’ care of that baby?” Believe it or not, I find her concern and even her touch amusing and sweet, rather than frustrating.

Now as to the title of this Journal. When Shawn takes me into work in the mornings, we pass a cow pasture and a sewage plant – within a couple miles of each other. When I was in the throes of morning sickness, the seven or eight mile stretch of stench was miserable. Shawn, being the thoughtful and resourceful husband that he is, would hand me his cup of orange juice and tell me to smell his orange juice. So I would spend about a quarter of my morning commute with my nose in Shawn’s cup of orange juice.Strange, but it did the trick. I realized on Tuesday morning that while driving through the “stretch of stench,” I smelled the cow manure and the sewage, but it didn’t make me nauseated, and Shawn’s orange juice was able to remain unsmelled!

All of that to say that it appears that I’m getting over morning (ahem, all day) sickness. I still get a little queasy (and cranky) if I don’t eat often enough, but that feels delightful compared to how I was feeling before. I missed the world of non-gagging and a stable stomach, and my friend…it’s good to be back.

In other news, I have a cold. Thankfully it’s not been too bad and I haven’t had to contend with a fever, but it’s just making me even more tired and easily worn down than I already am. I look longingly as my husband is able to take medicine to clear his head and stop the coughing, while I think fondly of my pre-pregnancy, medication popping days. Just kidding, I was never a big medicine taker, but I would usually take mega doses of Vitamin C, which is forbidden to the expecting Mom. So I’ll suffer through and load up on naps and maybe backrubs instead of decongestant and Vitamin C. Seems like a fair trade. 🙂

And finally, we have our next appointment a week from today, Thursday the 15th. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I’m really looking forward to hearing the heartbeat again. I’m also going to be asking the doctor what the deal is about sleeping on my left-hand side. Does anyone know what that’s all about? Will I hurt the baby if I sleep on the right side/on my stomach/on my back? I’m having a hard time being comfortable on my left side, and I’m too wracked with guilt to sleep peacefully in any other position. I think that’s about all that’s going on with the Maurers baby-wise right now. We’re really looking forward to enjoying our second trimester!



Running and Heart Rate…

While having some intermittent days/moments of sickness or fatigue, I am – overall – feeling much, much better. As such, I’ve been able to get out and try this running thing more often, along with incorporating prenatal yoga into my weekly schedule.Can I just say how much I missed exercise? I know I sound like a freak, but I’m such an introvert and really love putting my iPod on and zoning out the world for a good hour every other day.Anyway, I’m glad to be “back,” so to speak.

But let me tell you, I was quite shocked when I went for my first “run” with a heart rate monitor. I feel like I have to put the word run in quotes, because I’m not quite sure what I’d call what I did. My doctor told me not to get my heart rate above 140 bpm. Guess what my heart rate was at an easy warm-up walk? 127. And at a brisk, uphill walk? 134. 134 from walking?! As soon as I started running, my heart rate shot up to 148, and I couldn’t believe it. I kept trying for a couple of days, even allowing myself a limit of 150 bpm. Even at 150, I could only run for about thirty seconds before having to walk for five minutes. I could run for forty-five seconds if it was in the shade and downhill. But oh, that forty-five seconds of bliss! I came away from my walking/running trips feeling like I must be ridiculously out of shape for my heart rate to shoot up that quickly. I was frustrated, but figured that running even for thirty seconds will help me keep some fitness. But I’ve been doing some research. It turns out that my quickly rising heart rate is actually a sign that I’m quite fit (something about maximum heart rate level being higher when you regularly run).

I know, I almost laughed out loud myself when I read that. Me? Very good physical condition? Those are not words I’ve ever used to describe myself. Though apparently all the running I’ve done has been pretty good for my ticker. So for me, it appears that my “safe” zone would be between 150-160 bpm (so maybe I could run for a full minute?!), but with the major emphasis being on me being “comfortable.” I’m not one to be okay with vague terminology when it comes to the health of my baby, so after some more research, I’ve found that I need to make sure my breathing isn’t labored, and my body isn’t overheated. Also, while I was running 20-28 miles a week regularly before pregnancy, I took most of the first trimester off due to sickness and fatigue. I totally understand that I will need to ease back into running and when in doubt, slow down. I’ve only done the research in the past day or so, but I’ll be sure to let ya’ll know how it goes when I head out there to run again.I hope you mothers had a great Mother’s Day and felt quite cherished and honored by your children/husbands.

I was surprised by all of the the Happy Mother’s Days I got, but I suppose it’s true. I am a mother. I certainly worry enough to be one, at least. 🙂



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