I’m so sorry for being a slacker, but I’ve forgotten to share some very important news. Serwa Chic Modest Mama nursing covers are going to be stocked at Babies Bottoms and More! Now before you go gettin’ all excited and peeing your pants or something, there is a caveat.

The nursing covers will basically be stocked on a sixty day “trial.” If they sell well, I’ll continue making covers specifically for Babies Bottoms and More and they will continue to be a part of the product line. If they don’t sell well, we’ll part ways amicably.

See? Aren’t you glad I saved you the hassle of getting pee all over yourself?

So as exciting as this next step is, I’m cautiously optimistic. The owner was really excited about the design of the covers – especially the velcro at the corners that means it will actually keep the nursing Mom covered. I’m really hoping they sell out and people clamor for more, but we’ll see!

[Lookin’ all professional and stuff.]


2 thoughts on “so…yeah

  1. I’m sending you a cautiously optimistic “CONGRATULATIONS:” We’ll be praying that your business relationship goes well. And, you do look very professional and stylish! Love, Mom

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