fall/winter goals

I’m not sure what the weather is like where you live, but in Texas it’s hard to believe it’s still technically winter. As I’m writing this, the windows are wide open and I’m wearing shorts and a hoodie.

Winter Schminter.

So I’m officially declaring this the end of winter and thusly the end of my fall/winter Goal List. For the sake of all things accountability, here’s how I fared:

1. Sign up for and train for a 1/2 marathon.

Not only did I sign up for and train for a 1/2, I also ran a half. And if you remember correctly, even won a medal. I’d say I get bonus points for this one, eh?

2. Finish saving for a home down payment.

It’s crazy to think between the time I made this goal and today we accomplished the down payment, bought a house, moved in, and have even made it feel like home. I’m SO happy we were able to accomplish this goal!

3. Get 1,000 Facebook fans for the Serwa Chic business page.

This is the one goal that I wasn’t able to accomplish, but it’s also the goal I worked at the least – so I guess that’s only fair. It was definitely one about which I was least concerned, so I’m alright being a big fat failure at this one!

4. Contact local boutiques three times.

Not only did I accomplish this goal, I was also able to get my Modest Mama nursing covers stocked! Woo-hoo!

5. Develop a cleaning schedule (bi-weekly and monthly).

This has kind of changed my life, which is a very telling statement on just how interesting my life is right now.

6. Develop a plan for teaching Bug scripture.

I’m not as consistent with this as I’d like be, but since the goal was to develop the plan and not to drill him daily with that plan, I’d say this goal has been accomplished.

7. Take more photos/videos of Bear.

I’m so glad I listed this one as a goal, it’s been fun to randomly pull out the camera to capture him and his cuteness!

8. Simplify budgeting/re-allocate monthly spending.

Because Shawn got me iBank for my birthday – don’t judge, I was really excited – I can put a check mark by this goal! It obviously still takes time to work on our budget, but it’s nice to be able to do it in fifteen minutes a day instead of thirty. Over the course of a week, that time really adds up!

I’d say seven out of eight goals ain’t too shabby! I have no idea if I’ll be making spring goals or not, ’cause I’m just all wild and crazy like that. Guess you’ll just have to wait and see!


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