trip to the airport

Who knew that a 1.5 hour layover could turn into the perfect chance to visit with friends? Katie and Chelsea were on their way to California and just happened to get the tickets that gave us just enough time to meet them at the airport before they had to make their way back through security.

Katie and Chelsea both watched J. Bug for me when I was still working full time, and Katie also came over in the middle of the night to stay with Bug because I was in labor with Bear. Beyond that, she also worked closely with Shawn for several years and she and her family remain very close to our hearts.

[J. Bug quickly found Katie’s iPad and made himself at home by playing Angry Birds.]

[It took Bear a few minutes to warm up, but I blame that on his ear infections and the fact that it was his nap time. He did eventually warm up – especially to Chelsea – but that’s probably because she let him play with her phone. Yeah, my kids are easily bribed by technology.]

[Our sweet friends.]

Even though the visit was much too short, it was such a blessing to hug those girls. It makes me sad to think our boys won’t have clear memories of our time in North Carolina, so I relish the chance for them to be reacquainted with people who were such a big part of their young lives. It was such a true blessing to us to see those faces, hug those necks, and catch up a little bit!


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