backyard play

The boys and I are taking full advantage of the nice weather lately by spending some time in the backyard every day. Their little boy-hearts are content to just dig in the dirt, throw their toys around, and be as loud as they possibly can be. When we go outside, I’m pretty much guaranteed two happy little boys!

J. Bug insisted I take a photo of this very large stick he was picking up. Strong boy, right there.

It is ridiculous how much he looks like Shawn. Why, hello there little tiny Shawn. You are adorable.

Let’s just ignore the fact that I woke up that morning, threw my hair in a ponytail, and didn’t touch it again, shall we?

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite photos of me and J. Bug. His eyes, his cheeks, his little widow’s peak, his cute button nose – that sure is one kissable kid! 


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