super bowl football party

It’s a little ironic that I have become the Super Bowl party planner in the family. A yearly conference that Shawn attends falls on Super Bowl weekend, and for the past two years Shawn has flown out after church on that Sunday. At least this year Shawn’s favorite team wasn’t playing in Dallas while he was stuck on the tarmac for three hours!

Since Shawn’s usually out of town for the big game, it falls on me to figure out how and if we’ll celebrate the big game. As it happens, unless the Bengals are playing….

you can stop laughing now

….Unless the Bengals are playing, I’m much more interested in the food of Super Bowl than the actual game. In fact, the order of things about which I am excited on Super Bowl Sunday is as follows:

1. Wearing a hoodie. 2. Eating my favorite snack food. 3. The commercials. 4. The game. 5. The halftime show.

As you can see, I was very interested in making sure our party included appropriate clothing and food. I wasn’t sure MY favorite snack food would be Bug’s and Bear’s favorites, so I decided to make them a little buffet of their favorites.

Grapes, pretzels, cheese cubes, graham crackers. Can you handle the Super Bowl craziness?

[J. Bug very sweetly making sure C. Bear got to have another cheese cube.]

The boys were actually thoroughly excited that not only did they get to eat their favorite foods for dinner, but they ALSO got to eat them in the living room WHILE they were watching TV.

I figure I have another year or two of putting on this alleged Super Bowl party before they start to realize that it’s lame and demand pizza, chili, and friends who actually care about the game.

Until then, if cheese cubes on the living room table is what makes their little hearts feel special, then cheese cubes it will be!


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