frivolous friday

It’s frivolous friday again!



Cloth Diapering…

I believe that Shawn and I have made the decision to cloth diaper. It’s an idea I’ve been rolling around in my head for awhile, though Shawn was a bit more reluctant. I remember my Mom using cloth diapers and safety pins for the four of us, and I think Shawn was imagining himself putting a load of poopy diapers in the washing machine and having the constant stench of poo in the house.Little did he know that a LOT has changed in the world of cloth diapering! There are so many options now, it’s unbelievable. It’s 1) Cheaper in the long run, and 2) Much more environmentally friendly.

Anyway, I know sometimes people look at us like we’re freaks or hippies when we tell them we’re cloth diapering, so I thought I’d go ahead and let ya’ll know now so you can get the, “what the heck are they thinking?” out of your systems. 🙂 If any of you have or are planning to cloth diaper, please feel free to give me any tips and tricks you might have!


The Cutest Baby in the World…

So we had our big ultrasound yesterday! Let me just start off by saying that I think that’s one of the coolest Day After Father’s Day gifts Shawn could’ve gotten! 🙂 Neither one of us had really been freaking out the gender of our baby; we weren’t particularly nervous or excited, until the day of our appointment, when we all of a sudden found ourselves VERY excited.

Our OB has two ultrasound techs. One is a very curt, slightly bossy, difficult to understand woman, and one is a warm and friendly woman. I was relieved when the warm and friendly woman called us back. She actually remembered us from our emergency ultrasounds and said, “Now this is for a much more exciting reason than why you were here last time, huh?” As I lay down and she squirted the jelly stuff on my belly (which was pleasantly warm, not chilly like I expected), the whole experience felt very surreal.

We recognized our baby right away and were immediately struck with how much the little one had grown since we saw it last. We saw the baby’s legs almost immediately, which were long and stretched out (which is undoubtedly Shawn’s gene there!). It was crazy how clearly we could see the little legs (crossed at the ankles) and toes. We saw its tiny little fingers, its chest, stomach, heartbeat, face, and head. I was surprised by how much the tech was checking for, though she did a great job of showing us what everything was, and letting us know what she was checking and if everything looked alright. The baby’s perfect. 🙂 Healthy as can be, everything is in the right place and is developing just right. She said it’s measuring five days ahead, but that it shouldn’t affect my due date. Shawn and I just think we have a little overachiever.

Our tech actually switched over to the 4-D ultrasound several times, and even printed out several 4-D pictures for us. Apparently you’re supposed to pay out of pocket for those, but she said, “I don’t know where these 4-D pictures keep coming from, they’re just coming out of thin air!” I don’t know that we would’ve paid to have the 4-D done, but it really was incredible to see. Our baby yawned, put its fist up to its left eye, furrowed its eyebrow, and bicycle kicked for a minute or two. The little one’s favorite position seemed to be bringing its feet up to its forehead, almost. In one of the pictures, its left hand is across its forehead as if the baby is shielding itself from the paparazzi, and its left foot is almost touching the hand that’s across the forehead. We’ve got one flexible little baby in there!What a joy it was to see our little one, to see the little hands stretching, and to realize how MUCH it moves around in there!

At the beginning of the ultrasound, its rump was towards my ribs with its head facing my feet. The tech let me use the restroom halfway through (I was told to come with a full bladder, and boy did I!). When I got back on the table, the baby had used all the extra room without the full bladder getting in the way, to do a complete flip! I had always just assumed that the baby lay horizontal in the uterus, and pretty much stayed that way. I had no idea that it could not only lay vertically, but also do a little gymnastics routine in there!We did find out the gender, and while it’s going to be REALLY hard to keep it a surprise, that’s still our plan!

I can’t tell you how incredibly blessed I feel that we have a healthy baby in there; we’re certainly blessed beyond what we deserve. Our next appointment is in four weeks, I believe it was July 15th, which will be just a standard appointment. I’m still feeling the baby move, although not really more or less than I was before. I’ve not been struck with nausea in a few days, although poor Shawn seems to be picking up the slack for me in that area. After our appointment, we went to Olive Garden to celebrate Father’s Day, and Shawn just felt gross afterwards. He spent the better part of last night getting sick, though we’re unsure if it’s a virus or food poisoning. It’s a helpless feeling to see him so miserable, which helps me understand how me must’ve felt when I was so sick. I’m praying that whatever he has will move through his system quickly, and he’ll be back to himself soon (I have to admit that I’m also praying that I don’t catch this if it’s a virus). Even though Shawn being sick has temporarily tempered our excitement, you can bet that we’re still just busting at the seams to know that we have a healthy, good looking, little half-sea urchin, half-baby in there. 🙂


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