park pictures!

A couple of weeks ago, Shawn was in Florida for a ministry conference. Being at home by myself with the boys isn’t as huge of a deal as they’re getting older, but I have found it’s incredibly helpful to plan at least one “out of the house” activity each day.

I think we all of benefit from a little change of scenery, and the boys enjoy being able to burn off some of their boundless energy. Because I didn’t want Shawn to feel like he was missing out on all of our fun, I also took tons of photos to document our adventures. Apparently I was especially picture happy on the afternoon we spent at the park, because this post happens to be part one of two park pictures posts.

I know, I’m sorry. But look at that face – wouldn’t you want eight thousand photos of that, too?

When we tell Bug to smile for a picture, this is the face we’ve been getting lately. It’s pretty stinkin’ cute AND it’s much better than the “look of death” we got previously:

Bear really enjoyed picking up rocks at the park. We went down the slide a couple of times and did a little bit of climbing, but clearly…picking up rocks is where it’s at!

…although picking up sticks comes in a very close second

I know it’s hard to believe judging by the way my boys are dressed, but I did indeed take these photos in February. One of the nice things about Texas weather is that we don’t worry about going stir crazy in the winter. Throw on a sweater and jeans, take ’em outside, and enjoy the beautiful February sunshine!


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