park pictures part deuce

Where was I? Oh, that’s right – just showing you some photos of my favorite little boys in the whole world enjoying their afternoon in the park. 

Sometimes the simple act of walking quickly makes him smile like that. Have I mentioned how much I love being a Mom?

Poor boy fell in some leafless bushes and got a little scratched up. That still doesn’t stop him from smiling!

Nothing makes me feel more like I’m a Mom to boys then when I spend twenty minutes stacking  rocks…

…and jumping in leaves

When I asked him what we should say instead of cheese, he said “macaroni pizza!” Then we both giggled and I took the photo – 

Sweet Bug was so proud of himself for picking up this stick that he insisted I take a photo of him. 

And as a pretty appropriate end to our park fun, Bug promptly fell off the tire swing moments after I snapped this photo. The ensuing crying was so dramatic, I scooped up both boys and headed straight home before someone assumed he was dying and called 911. Yes. He’s really that loud.

It was okay though – we picked up rocks, we threw mulch, we held up sticks, we stacked rocks, we jumped in leaves, and we dove head first into bushes. Pretty much, we enjoyed all the fun our neighborhood park had to offer!


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