frivolous friday

Even MORE old school posts from my pregnancy with J. Bug. Can you handle it?!



Holy Moly! 6 Months!…

I just realized today that I’m actually 6 months along! 6 months just seems so…far! We have our next appointment on Thursday, July 17th, and our tour of the hospital on Thursday, July 31st. I suppose it’s official…we’re having a baby! 😉

The stomach virus…or delayed morning sickness…or food poisoning…or whatever it was…that I referenced yesterday hit me full force by the afternoon. I spent the better part of the day in a lot of pain, laying in the bed. The good news, however, is that once I took some medicine I slowly started to feel better.

I’m not sure that I can adequately relate how frustrating it is to me that I keep getting sick (if that WAS even a virus, Shawn seems to think it was hormone stuff making me sick). The past couple of days have really been a bit of a struggle for me…I feel very, very out of control of my body. Women told me, jokingly, that once I got pregnant my body would no longer be my own, but I’m finding it difficult to laugh at that. It hasn’t bothered me until this week, really. I think being sick so constantly has really frustrated me, and I think being at camp showed me how much more difficult it is for me to do things I wouldn’t have thought twice about before. My body changes everyday, and I really feel like I’m at its whims for when I eat, sleep, and move.

By nature, I’m a girl who really enjoys discipline. I love pushing my body further than I knew it could go, and I’ve gotten really good at ignoring when my body says to stop and working on the whole, “mind over matter” thing. But my body doesn’t belong to me, anymore, it’s first and foremost our child’s until November. Everything that I do has to be filtered through the child’s needs. I know, it’s great practice for being a Mom when your child’s needs always come first…I get that. It’s just been an adjustment for me. I’m loving carrying this child, I’m even loving being pregnant…but I am looking forward to the day when my body becomes my own again.

Alright, enough of that whining!

As each day goes by, I feel our little boy moving more and more, which is just amazing. One morning at camp, I was laying on my back and felt him kicking. I told my small group girls, and two of them were able to feel him kicking, too! I love sharing this with them, it’s such a great chance for me to teach them that it’s an actual human being in there. They’re fascinated by all the things I can/can’t do or have and by how the baby is developing.

On Sunday night, we took the students to a Greensboro Grasshoppers game (minor league baseball), and we found out that Little Baby seems to be a baseball fan. Well, at least he responded to my cheers! It was fun to cheer for the Grasshoppers and then wait for him to respond with a kick or a punch. At one point, after I’d cheer, he’d kick or punch – right underneath my rib cage – seven or eight times in a row! He’s started to respond to noises…loud music at camp or Cole’s barking, for instance. Shawn’s also been able to feel him moving around a little bit. After looking through some catalogs, we’re starting to re-think our nursery decorations/colors. I’ll wait to tell you what we’re thinking to save myself the embarassment if we decide to change the colors once again. 🙂 I just can’t believe how quickly things have gone with this pregnancy, we’re going to be holding our little one before we know it!


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