movie night

We finished up a long week of Shawn being out of town at the beginning of February with a movie night! I wouldn’t say our time without Daddy was a bad week – or even a terribly difficult week – just a long week. I think Bug’s face really says it all:

And the fact that I didn’t really have the motivation to wipe the peanut butter off Bear’s face before taking this photo is pretty telling, too:

The week was a good one, though. I still loved every moment of quality time I got with the cutest little boys this side of the Mason Dixon:

For this particular movie night, I decided Dumbo would be perfect. The boys can handle about 35 minutes of watching a movie, then they usually play while sort of watching the movie for another 35 minutes. After that amount of time, they quickly become uninterested and all heck breaks loose.

So short Disney movies with songs and choo-choo trains are pretty much perfect.

Bear and Bug particularly loved any scene with the train and the part where Dumbo and the mouse get drunk. Lovely. I particularly loved seeing Bug’s expression when Dumbo’s Mommy sang “Baby Mine” – the song I’ve sung to him since I was three months pregnant.

I haven’t seen Dumbo since I was too young to remember, so I really enjoyed cuddling with the boys in our PJs with some popcorn. After all, to be perfectly honest, movie night is actually one big fact excuse for cuddles. And maybe an excuse for a tired Mommy to get a few minutes of rest while her sons are happily entertained. Maybe.


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