well check #875

I don’t really know exactly how many well checks we’ve had in the past few months, but it certainly feels like 875. Bug had to get his 3 year check, shots, and shot record for school and we’ve had at least three well checks on Bear to make sure his ears are okay and wait until he doesn’t have an infection before giving him shots.

I usually try to schedule appointments for one boy while the other one is elsewhere, but it often just happens that I need to take them both at the same time. Then the pediatrician’s office explodes from entirely too much cuteness in one space.

Just kidding. Actually, what usually happens is that I only hear about half of what the Doctor is saying because there’s always someone trying to open the tongue depressor drawer. I don’t know – my kids have a weird thing for tongue depressors.

On this particular morning I got both boys up, dressed, fed, changed, and to the doctor with puh-lenty of time to spare. So much time in fact, I got to the office about 15 mins before they even opened.

Mother Rockstar, right here.

So we passed the time by looking at the large crane doing construction outside and amusing other waiting folks in the building’s lobby:

[I think this may be the last photo I have of him before we cut his hair. There it is – soak in all the shagginess your heart can handle since future photos will unveil a buzz cut Bear!]

This particular visit revealed that Bear’s ears still have quite a bit of fluid in them. Our doc wasn’t sure if it was a lingering effect of the ear infection that had just cleared up, or if it’s a chronic issue that might eventually cause some hearing problems. We’ll have another appointment in about two weeks to check on his ears again. After 875 well checks, this sweet boy is all checked UP!


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