a cousin visit

A couple of weeks ago we were beyond blessed when Shawn’s Mom and Sister – and her three sweet kiddos – drove the unimaginably long drive from northern Ohio to Texas. That’s right blog readers – In Laws of the Year!

I told J. Bug about their visit about two weeks before they came, and he asked me every. single. day. if today was the day his cousins were going to visit. When they finally did arrive, we had 5 kids under 5 in one house for a week.

It was seriously awesome.

J. Bug and C. Bear absolutely love their cousins, and we all had so much fun together!

[C. Bear and Cousin K. have kind of a special bond. First of all, they look like they could be siblings, but they also just get each other. In the above photo, they were holding hands and dancing in a circle. Your head would explode if I’d been able to capture a picture of them actually dancing together – too much cuteness! ]

[Woah. Check out that short hair! Cutie McSweetiePants grew up over night after we cut that hair!]

[Cousin N. is very into racing right now – people racing, animals racing, and especially…NASCAR racing! Here are Cousin K., J. Bug., and Cousin N. racing around the circle outside the gazeebo. I may or may not have started the racing game, and Cousin N. may or may not have beaten me several times.]


I have plenty more photos to share, but now that the cousins are back in Ohio J. Bug still asks me where they went. Yesterday he told me he thought if he called them that they would come back from Ohio. Then he proceeded to loudly say, “Ooooh coooousiiiiiins! Oooooh coooooousiiiins! Where aaaaare you?”

If only it were that simple, buddy. If only it were that simple.


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