on the homefront

Shawn: At the moment, Shawn is in downtown Dallas with over 100 students serving the local churches. Yep, it’s Spring Break mission trip week! Shawn was pretty busy and likely a little stressed in the weeks leading up to the trip, so I’m praying all is going well and the students are experiencing God in a profound way. I can’t wait to hear about it when Shawn gets back tomorrow evening!

Jen: Despite Shawn being out of town every other week for the last six weeks, I’m surprisingly sane. I built raised garden beds [with a power drill, no less], fixed the belt in our vacuum cleaner, cleaned out the garage, planted a garden [both outdoors and an indoor herb garden], filed our taxes, entertained several out of town guests, and managed to keep the household running smoothly!

My secret? I drink a lot of coffee. A lot.

J. Bug: Bug’s been saying a lot of really cute things lately. For instance, instead of saying “yesterday,” he says “last-erday.” Personally, I think lasterday actually makes more sense. Maybe I’ll start a movement.

Lasterday 2012.

Also, Bug is well onto his way to reading! The first words he learned to read [besides his own name, his brother’s name, and a few names of his classmates] were, “stop” and “car.”

And finally, he’s started calling me, “gurrl” lately. Like when I’m singing a song he says, “Sing it, gurrl!” When he hands me something he says, “Here you go, gurrl.” When he’s finished talking on the phone to a relative he hands the phone to me and says, “It’s all yours, gurrl.”

Is it weird that I really love it and hope he continues to call me, “gurrl” well into his adult years?

C. Bear: Oh geez, that kid is a trip lately. I think he’s hit a growth spurt recently, since he and Bug are pretty much the same size. My other clue is that he’s eating nonstop. If it’s in food form, it’s in his mouth and he’s working on chewing it. The “food form” part is even negotiable in his world.

My favorite thing Bear does right now is put himself in time out. When he’s misbehaving [usually by hitting Bug, getting into something off limits, or trying to sit on Bug] I give him one warning and tell him if he does it again he’ll go to time out. Very often he hears the word “time out,” and walks himself over to the time out spot. He sits down and even pretend whines like his brother does.

And now as I write this, Bear is literally sitting on J. Bug and trying to squish him. I guess I should probably deal with that, huh?


One thought on “on the homefront

  1. Jen, I guess since you are the only gurrl in the house, it fits pretty well. 🙂 Glad you are all doing well. Love you all bunches and bunches! Love, Rhonda and the rest of the Smiths, too!

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