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Gestational Diabetes Test…

I’m heading in today (Thursday) for the dreaded gestational diabetes test. From what I’ve heard (I’ve obviously never taken the test myself), it involves drinking a super sugery drink that has been likened to a flat soda with extra sugar, waiting an hour, and getting blood drawn. SO much fun. I’m actually somewhat nervous as my doctor was concerned about my weight gain at my last appointment (which has actually stayed the same in the past month) and diabetes runs rampant in my family history. I’m trying to tell myself that being nervous about it won’t help or change anything, but I’m not sure how well that’s working. We won’t get the results for several days, from what I understand, but I’ll be sure to update when we do.

Our Worth the Wait kick-off is this Saturday and I have the oh-so-fun honor of serving Davidson County Jury Duty starting on Monday. I’ve been able to continue working out, which I believe has been a huge help in feeling somewhat normal. I’m still only running half a mile at a time, but I’m quite grateful to be able to get this body (which resembles a meatball on toothpicks) moving at all. I’m still alternating between working on the elliptical and running/walking (let’s be honest, it’s barely a jog) on the treadmill. I get a few funny looks, but I’m still trying to determine if they’re looks of, “Wow! Look at her! She’s super pregnant AND fit, that’s awesome!” or, “Hmmm…that chunky lady probably needs to move a little faster than that to lose some of that belly fat she’s carrying.” I tell myself the former.

So let’s see, how else am I feeling? Well, the heartburn only lasted for about two days and then (as soon as we got the chance to buy medicine) it thankfully left. If it comes back, I’m prepared with a bottle of BerryBerry flavored Tums! My lower back is in a somewhat constant state of achiness that’s only really relieved when I’m lying down on my side in the fetal position. It makes sense…my back is arched all day long to accomodate the extra weight out front, so laying down in a position that lets my back rest in the opposite position would make it feel better. No nausea yet, I just get full more easily. Considering the weight I’ve gained so far, that’s one symptom about which I’m not complaining. And finally, I do believe that fatigue has made its comeback. As time allows (which it rarely tends to), my old friend, the nap, and I will be spending more time together.

I’m able to feel Baby’s kicks and rolls more than ever, which is by far, my favorite part of being pregnant. Even as I’m typing this, he’s doing some type of rolly thing in there. For those who haven’t experienced this, it’s like having an octopus in your belly rolling around. Before Shawn and I left Indiana, I was laying on the couch while Shawn loaded up the van (such a great husband!), and I saw my stomach actually move…kind of poke out…as he kicked. WEIRD! 🙂 Shawn’s been able to catch several of his stronger kicks (or punches, I’m no good at telling what body part is where), which freaked him out a little, I think. Thank you for all of your prayers and support as Shawn and I go through this pregnancy and eventually go through raising a child. I’ll keep you updated on what the test results say!


Jury Duty and Diabetes…

I got the dreaded letter that I was being summoned for Jury Duty this week. Actually, I got a letter asking me to go the Monday that we would be driving back from our baby shower in Indiana, so I asked to be excused. Thankfully, they did excuse me, but appointed my new week to be August 18th. I can’t say I was looking forward to the process, but I was pretty sure I wouldn’t make it through the jury selection process, so I was just slightly inconvenienced.

I thought, “they probably won’t even call my name, and besides…who in their right mind is going to keep a 7 month pregnant woman on the jury?” Well, my name was the second name to be called.

We were all asked a series of questions (“surely if my being pregnant isn’t enough for them to dismiss me, then the fact that my husband’s a minister will!”), and as other jurors were dismissed, I noticed a disturbing pattern…I was still sitting in the Juror #2 seat. Question after question…dismissal after dismissal…I sat there for 3 and a half hours…and was never dismissed.

Yes, they did indeed choose me for the jury.So from Monday of this week through Thursday, I drove to the Lexington Courthouse to fulfill my civic duty. It actually turns out that the Plaintiff in the case was three months pregnant at the time she was hit…so I was a strategic choice. We deliberated for about three and a half hours, and finally came to a decision on Thursday. The experience was actually pretty cool, I can’t say I hated every minute. It was kind of interesting to be thrown together with eleven stranger for four days, unable to talk about the case, and so kind of forced to make conversation about our personal lives. Nonetheless, this was my last week of down time at work before I kick it into high gear…from now until the baby arrives…and I wasn’t too thrilled about spending it in a courtroom and getting even less rest than normal.I didn’t get the chance to really even think about the gestational diabetes test until yesterday, when I called on my way home. It turns out that I do NOT have gestational diabetes (or anemia, HIV, or syphillis…all of which they check routinely at this point)!! I was THRILLED about this news! I was kind of preparing myself that I was going to have it and that the next two and a half months of my pregnancy would have to be very, very cautious ones. So not that I plan on going out and eating an entire cake or anything like that, but it’s nice to know that I COULD. 🙂 Our doctor told us that we’ll be transitioning from having appointments every four weeks to having them every three weeks now, so our next appointment is on Monday, September 8th at 11:50am.



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