j. bug & the coupling hook

After we did plenty of shopping with Shawn’s family one of their first days here, we checked out a local train yard. The fact that the train wasn’t currently running through the station gave us plenty of photo-taking opportunities, and gave the kids lots of time to run free on train tracks….Bug’s favorite thing to do in the world!

I’ve come a long way as a Mom of boys. I know what a coupling hook is, I know its purpose on a train, and I know just how excited J. Bug would be to see one in real life. Who needs pink hair bows when you have coupling hook knowledge?

[My handsome, sweet, hard working son. I love it. I love the hoodie, the rip in his jeans, and I love his intense look of concentration.]

This is perhaps my favorite photo ever. I adore the symbolism behind Shawn’s arms open wide and the joy and trust on Bug’s face as he readies himself to jump into his Daddy’s arms with absolute abandon.

Cause no matter how recklessly that boy jumps, his Daddy will always be there to catch him. Always.


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