train tracks!!

Like many homes with young boys, trains are a big deal around here. A big deal. Nothing is more exciting in our household than when we’re driving along and see a real, live train driving down the train tracks next to us. I wish I were exaggerating, but let’s be honest. This is not a life of glamour that I lead.

So yeah. Trains. Most exciting thing ever.

So when we had the chance to take Bug, Bear, and their cousins to a train track to play, we said….heck yeah! 

…After carefully checking to make sure there were no trains due to come through within the hour and peering down the train tracks every ten minutes with much paranoia.

“Oh rock. You are my precious, precious rock, and I will love you and keep you forever right under my pillow to love forever and ever.” 

Bear was a little less impressed by the trains and considerably more impressed by the rocks on the tracks. We were there for about 45 minutes, and he spent most of him time right here. He moved his rocks in and out of piles. I’m certain I don’t understand what exactly he was doing, but he was obviously very intent and serious about his rock piling.  
And this, dear readers, is Exhibit A as to how we have scarred our child. I had been trimming his shaggy hair in the tub, but little stinker got a little too wiggly one evening. I chopped off a chunk of his bangs that left him looking like, well…
[The left is my interpretation of his hair pre-Mommy’s hair cut. The right is after.]
So once Shawn got home from the conference he was attending, we set to buzzing it all off. Whereas Bug happily let us buzz his hair while he watched a cartoon on our laptops, Bear was not so easily distracted from the apparent torture before him.
By the time Shawn got finished with the haircut, my shoulder was covered in tears and snot, and Bear…well, Bear ended up with a slight bald spot. Of course by “slight,” I mean I made him wear hoods and hats for about two weeks after the alleged hair-buzzing incident.
Still, even with a bald spot he’s intoxicatingly adorable. Thank goodness though, the spot is mostly grown over so he’s currently foot-loose and hood-free!

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