Wait, you didn’t think I was finished posting train pictures did you? No way, Jose [or “no hosey hosey” as J. Bug used to say]!  Going to the train tracks was probably one of the most fun things we did in the opinion of the five littles. So far be it for me to not share even more of their favorite experiences [plus, I promise – this is the last train post].

Shawn took like fifteen photos of me on the tracks with the boys. I’d be deeply concerned about your well-being if I shared them all, so here are just a few…

I have to warn you that the following set of photos may make you fall in love with my family. You can’t have them. They’re all mine.

J. Bug actually took this photo of Shawn -the only editing I did was cropping:

Despite what these pictures might lead you to believe, we did not spend our entire time playing on the train tracks. After all, there was a real live [albeit no longer running] train to explore:

Cutest little cargo this train has ever seen:

This picture makes me laugh and reminds me that I very often look cranky when I don’t mean to. I remember watching Bear running – he’s a super cute runner right now and swings his arms vehemently – and kind of falling in love with him in this moment. And yet I look like I hate the world, hate trains, and hate those grey boots.

Note to self:  Your resting face looks like you’re ticked off at the world. Smile more often.

One thought on “train-tastic!

  1. You know….Dad says the same thing about me:) You might want to be careful of which traits you pick up from me and Grandma:) Love, Mom

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