the cutest child in the world

Since I myself have two especially cute children, I happen to think I’m somewhat of an expert on child cuteness. So with much authority on the subject, please allow me to introduce to you the cutest child in the world….

His name is Anton, and along with being the cutest child in the world he is also the sweetest. The incredible Delgado family finally brought him home to his forever family recently! Within just a few shorts days of being home, Anton was admitted to the hospital because he was aspirating almost everything he ate into his lungs. Vanessa and Jason had prepared themselves that Anton [like many EB kids] would need a G-tube, but neither thought it would be necessitated quite so soon.

With nothing but an IV sustaining him for days, Anton prepared for the G-tube surgery. My sweet friend Patrice flew down to help Vanessa with all things surgery and/or EB related – dressing changes, cutting wraps, anesthesiologist concerns, recovery issues, infection care, and nutrition concerns – to just name a few.

We were so blessed to host Patrice while she went back and forth to the hospital, and I know Vanessa felt so relieved to have Patrice’s expertise, experience, and encouragement. And Anton? He loves her too. Even if he does growl at her.

I know, I know. I have beautiful friends.

Shawn and I got to bring the girls some Fuzzy’s Taco one night. Patrice was wanting some authentic [ish] Tex Mex, so our offer to bring it to them was really one big rouse to hang out with the world’s sweetest kiddo.

I do have more pictures to share, but I wanted to let you know that Anton was finally discharged a couple of days ago. He’s now at home with his brother and sister! Even though the G-tube surgery was earlier than expected, I’m sure it’s been a relief for Vanessa to know he’s getting the calories he needs and is no longer aspirating. Now he can start putting on some weight and continue being…you guessed it…

the cutest child in the world.


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