on the homefront

Before I get back to your [notsomuch] regularly scheduled On the Homefront post, I wanted to let you know that you can read Patrice’s post about her visit to see Anton HERE. 

Shawn: Shawn’s been burning the candle at both ends lately, so I think he’s having a hard time feeling rested.  It hasn’t helped that when he does have brief breaks, it seems like my schedule then picks up in busyness. He’s not complaining though, and neither am I – busy seasons are the nature of ministry and life. After healing from a severe ankle sprain, Shawn’s started running again. He’s actually the original runner of the family – I only took it up after we got married – so I’m looking forward to running in some 5Ks with him in the future. Of course he’ll be way ahead of me since his legs are like fifteen feet long…but it’ll still be fun to enjoy it “together!”

Jen: As I alluded to above, I’m staying plenty busy. None of what is keeping me busy is terribly interesting [household management, dinner cooking, diaper changing, birthday party attending, small group leading, child cuddling], but it sure is managing to fill my days up nicely. I’m working on developing a summer attack plan so I can make sure the boys and I get out of the house every day and don’t go crazy in the heat!

J. Bug: Our child who usually insists on keeping his physical distance from us has recently turned into quite the cuddle bug. He’s been willingly hugging and kissing me…and I pretty much love it! While he and Bear still have their disagreements, I’ve been surprised to see how thoughtful Bug is of his younger brother lately. If Bug gets a sippy of water from the fridge, he always grabs one for Bear because, “he might be firsty.” He very often asks his brother if he wants a turn with a toy, and likes to take two toys on our car trips -one for himself and one for his brother.

I’m not sure who’s been slipping that kid sweetness pills, but please…

don’t stop.

C. Bear: Bear is a bona fide toddler now [I say with hushed reverence tinged with dread]. He’s into everything and derives special pleasure from getting away with things when I’m not looking. His favorite is to use a vase of decorative branches as swords. Usually on me. Usually when I’m not looking.

Nothing keeps you on your toes like random branches being poked at your eye.

He’s in that stage where as soon as I do something, he decides it’s his job to un-do it. A nicely folded piles of clothes makes a wonderful pile of confetti to throw everywhere, after all. Bear doesn’t like for the floors, counters, table, or linens to be too clean. Something. Must. Get. Spilled.

For that matter, he doesn’t like his face to be too clean. If it’s not graham cracker crumbs, it must be grape residue or tiny chunks of almonds all over his face. And if no food is immediately available, a crusty nose will do the trick. Just as long as he doesn’t look too clean, apparently.

Despite his current level of mischievousness, Bear is in fact still ridiculously adorable. He has a curiosity and joy at the world that’s downright contagious. Speaking of which, my joyful and curious Bear just found a permanent marker and is enthusiastically wielding it toward my white kitchen cabinets. I don’t think I like how this could end!


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