ft. worth bonanza!

One of our favorite places to spend a few hours is Ft. Worth, TX. It has everything one could desire – shopping, food, history, horses. All the makings of good family fun! So when Shawn’s family was visiting, we made sure to spend a day at The Stockyards. We had such a blast!

I included these next few photos mostly because you can see how much C. Bear and Cousin K. look alike. Bear’s so lucky to have such a sweet older cousin to look out for him!

He wanted to go in there, I promise. And then he insisted I take a photo of him. And then I told him if he ever did end up in jail that I was not posting bail. Hey, it’s what my parents told me and I have yet to be arrested.

Yeah. He’s freakishly tall.

But also freakishly cute:

Almost there, Cousin N! 

Naturally, you can’t visit Ft. Worth Stockyards without seeing some real life cowboys:

I’m certain they’re talking about very important cowboy-ish stuff.

Yee-haw and Howdy doo and Get along little doggie!

Then the kids got a chance to be cowboys [and girl] too! 

“Um, I don’t think they’re buying it, Mom. Clearly these are not real horses.” 


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