girls can use power drills

I’ve been wanting to have my very own garden for such a long time. Since this was the first Spring in four years that I haven’t been pregnant or nursing, I decided this was the year to go for it! I did some research on both an indoor herb garden and the square foot gardening concept, and decided to try my hand at both. You know me and how I love a good list, so I naturally made myself a list of all the equipment, soil, seeds, and plants that I would need and headed to Lowe’s:

We already had the 2x4s and screws I needed in our garage, so once I got home from Lowe’s and picking Bug up from preschool, I set to work!

J. Bug is very interested in the difference between boys and girls lately. Not anatomically, but general personality differences. He’s been saying things like,

“Mommy, only girls like to pway with sidewalk chalk.”

“Mommy, girls can’t pway with my football.”

I’m not sure that boy realizes who his Mother is.

So I intentionally waited until both boys were home to bust out the power drill. Haters be hatin’.

Taters be po-tatin’.

I built two of these beauties:

With the “help” of this cutie [whom I had to tell more than once to stop trying to eat the nails]: 

Once I built the beds, the only things left to do were add in the soil/compost/peat moss and carefully plant the seeds.

I’m sorry. Did I just say peat moss?

I think that qualifies for a deduction of ten cool points, wouldn’t you say?

That’s okay. I may be less cool since knowing what peat moss is, but you’ll be super jealous when I’m munchin’ on my organically grown vegetables that I grew in my backyard. And no. I won’t share. Not until you learn what peat moss is, anyway.



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