listening, watching, reading, and a few other things

A blogger I love to read recently posted [what I thought was] a great way to give a general family update. I love it so much, I’m actually going to steal it. Of course, not without giving credit where credit is due. I love your idea, Sarah! 

Listening … Usually to the sounds of laughter and/or whining throughout our house. I’ve discovered the secret to keeping the boys happy in the car, though. Would you like to know? Stories on CD. And you’re welcome. Bug’s long time favorite was Toy Story 2 on CD, but he recently asked to switch things up. So now we’re listening to “The Little Einsteins.” It’s probably not what I would choose, but it means nobody is whining, minds are engaged, and I’m able to focus on driving a vehicle. What? My duty as a car-driver is not to pass back dropped toys, break up arguments, or hand snacks to semi-hungry kids?! Preposterous.
Watching … This is a little embarrassing, I’m not gonna lie. I really like reality TV, so I get pretty excited about both The Voice and The Biggest Loser [speaking of the The Biggest Loser – what is their deal?!]. I’m also really loving Parks & Rec, which is equally because it’s set in small town Indiana, and because I kind of love and want to be BFFs with Amy Poehler.
Reading … I’m actually getting ready to start “Not A Fan,” which is kind of a group-read that our community group is going through together. I wish I had insightful things to say about the book, but I haven’t yet started….my bad.
Eating … Oh man, I’m eating lots of green stuff lately. As I was loading my cart full of food onto the belt at the grocery store last week, I was astonished by how healthfully we’ve been eating lately. I’m loving that staying at home gives me that little extra time to prep and serve meals that are yummy and fuel my family well. I think Shawn is loving that I love Pinterest, since it’s due to that particular app on my phone that we have such a variety of meals each week. My recent favorite is Cooking Light’s Chipotle Chicken Taco Salad.  It was a little disconcerting how much I exclaimed about how good it was.
Drinking … Water. I’m so boring. Every afternoon I get a little frisky and make a homemade iced coffee, but beyond that it’s good old agua for me.
Wearing … I’m loving jean skirts at the moment. I can pair it with a long sleeve top and ballet flats for a cool[ish] day, or a tank top and sandals when it’s warm.
Feeling … Just a bit overwhelmed, though I’m not sure it’s entirely deserved. I do have a lot of plates spinning right now, but nothing catastrophic will happen if one of those fall. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do the things at hand with excellence, and sometimes that can make me feel like I won’t be able to do it all well enough.
Weather … I really like Texas spring. I would say I love it, but there’s the imminent sweat-feast we call summer in the back of my mind. The impending heat that spring ushers in keeps me from falling in love with the season. I’m sorry, spring. Our family has been able to take evening walks around the neighborhood and eat our dinners on the back patio. The flowers are gorgeous, and if I’m lucky I can still squeeze a few more wears out of my jeans before I put them away for a few months. All that to say – it’s beautiful here!
Wanting … A long run and a bubble bath. And a date night with Mr. HandsomeMcPants.
Needing … To make some phone calls, sweep and mop the kitchen, make the bed, and sew.
Thinking … Quite frankly, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the future of Serwa Chic. I don’t have any answers or decisions, I’m just praying and seeking what the next chapter is.
Enjoying… At this exact moment, I’m enjoying the hush of the house as both boys nap peacefully. Since Bug is pretty set on giving up his nap, these quiet hours are numbered.
And you? I’d love to know what you’re listening, watching, reading!

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