firefly 5k

I haven’t done a lot of running since that one time I ran a half-marathon. And got a medal. Whatevs.

Most of my exercising is spent on the elliptical or chasing boys up the stairs. I kind of intentionally took a break from jogging after the half, mostly because I was starting to feel a tad burnt out on the sport. After a couple of months passed, a friend mentioned an evening 5k she and her husband would be running. I thought it sounded like fun and would be the perfect thing to help me run for enjoyment’s sake again. Without much thought to details, I signed right up!

I’m not normally a “without much thought to details” kind of gal, and that personality trait has served me pretty well throughout life. The older I get though, the more I’m realizing that taking the leap and then looking has produced some of my favorite memories ever. Take for instance, an amazingly fun 5k event called The Firefly:

The run starts once the sun goes down, and runner wear those light up bands I have on my arm. People hand out tons of glow-sticks, so after the sun goes down everyone is literally glowing in the dark. There were over 5,000 participants. That’s a LOT of glowing.

This is Bug’s “Mommy’s #1” face. Why yes, yes I am sweet son.

We spent our pre-race time meeting up with our friends, exploring the booths, grabbing some water…

…looking at trees…dancing. The music was LOUD, and the atmosphere was incredibly fun and festive. Bear could just not stop his little body from dancing, and I’m so glad I captured this particular dance move on camera:

We also introduced Bug to his first visit to the porta-potties. While he claimed adamantly that he had to use the bathroom, once we got inside the potties he did not go. I do not blame him.

I ran the 5K without my usual music or headphones and surprised myself with how much I enjoyed it. The race included a costume contest, so looking at people dressed up, watching the mass of running “fireflies” before me, and taking in the race atmosphere provided more than enough entertainment for me. I actually don’t remember my time, but I know it was a pretty slow pace for me.

Nonetheless, I had SO much fun!

Shawn gets some super major husband points because he not only kept the boys so I could run, he also watched the son of our running friends. Like the smart man he is, he did not forget to bring the iPad. Boom. That’s a good 15 minutes of quiet entertainment right there:

Seriously, the man is amazing and so ridiculously encouragingly supportive. I’m so very lucky.

After the race, we joined our friends for my first ever In-N-Out experience. Knowing that was ahead was pretty much my motivation to keep running, and it did not disappoint. An In-N-Out has recently been built about ten minutes from our house, so rest assured this visit to the restaurant will not be my last.

Between the traffic after the race, eating dinner, and socializing with friends, we didn’t end up getting the boys home until midnight. I’m not sure they knew such a time of night even existed, but they both impressed up with their great [albeit tired] attitudes.

Running a 5K in the evening with such a fun atmosphere was definitely unforgettable. We’re hoping Shawn and I can run it together next year, and I’m already thinking about the In-N-Out afterwards!


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