duck butt

Since the weather is beautiful in Texas right now, our little family has been taking a lot of walks recently. I believe the best way to keep your house clean is to keep the kids out of it, so spending a couple of hours outside walking is always an awesome idea. Plus, the boys love to check out the ducks at the nearby park:

I kept waiting for that duck to take a bite out of Bug’s cheek, or for Bear to roll down that embankment into the pond, but neither happened. Instead, the boys and I discovered that ducks are hilarious. When they’re swimming, they sometimes dive their noses into the water, leaving their duckie butts up in the air. I’m not sure what they’re doing in the water, but it makes their butts wiggle. We spent a good 45 minutes just watching the ducks and waiting for their little duck booties to wiggle in the air.

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard my boys laugh so hard. I’m not sure I don’t just have the best life ever.


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