hungly jungly

At Christmastime, J. Bug’s favorite song in thewholewideworld was “Holly Jolly Christmas.” Except he couldn’t say “holly jolly,” so he was forever asking us if he could listen to the “hungly jungly cwis-mas” song. He even sang the chorus as, “have a hungly jungly cwis-mas…”

Even now, at the end of April he still occasionally asks to listen to the Hungly Jungly song. I tell him I put that CD away, but I’d be glad to sing it for him. He gets very upset if I try to sing holly jolly. Instead, he wants me to sing about how a hungly jungly Christmas is the best time of the year.

Indeed it is, Bug. Indeed it is.

Bug is also very into me telling him stories lately. My stories always start with “once upon a time,” end with “the end,” and always feature at least one person from our family. My favorite stories to tell him are stories of how Shawn and I met, of adventures that he and his brother have, or even sometimes his [G-rated] birth story. He loves my stories and is captivated by them. I’ve always asked him to tell me stories, mostly because I think kids telling stories gives adults a great glimpse into what is important in their world, but Bug has always refused.

Until recently, anyway. He’s begun telling me stories that begin with “once upon a time,” and end with, “the end.” The name of the hero in all of his stories, though?

That’s right. Hungly Jungly. Apparently Hungly Jungly likes to play outside, he doesn’t like to share, and sometimes he flies through the sky but then crashes. It’s okay though, because Hungly Jungly’s Mommy kisses his boo-boo and gives him a band-aid.

Seeing Bug’s eyes light up and the little wheels turning in his mind as he tells me his Hungly Jungly stories is one of my favorite parts of the day. And that crazy Hungly Jungly. He has a lot of adventures, and is pretty dang mischeveous…with just the perfect touch of sweetness. Just like someone else I know.

Allow me to tell you my own little Hungly Jungly story. Once upon a time there was a Hungly Jungly. He was a kind boy, but had lots of energy. His Mommy decided it would be a good idea for Hungly Jungly and his brother to get some sillies out at the park:

Hungly Jungly thought it was hilarious to stick his tongue out:

And so did Hungly Jungly’s Mommmy:

And so did Hungly Jungly’s little brother. Hungly Jungly’s family is just a bit on the crazy side, you see.

…but Hungly Jungly and his little brother are both very, very loved. And cherished. And adored. They’re loved so much, their Mommy and Daddy sometimes think their hearts might burst right out of their chests. That’s why they have to give Hungly Jungly and his brother so many kisses and hugs and smooches and cuddles. It’s how their hearts show Hungly Jungly and his brother just how very special and amazing they are.

The End.


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