enjoying the spring

Dear Month of May,

You will not intimidate me. Yes, I see the telltale signs of summer beginning. I’ve noticed that I more often reach for shorts and tank tops then jeans and a t-shirt. I’ve seen my boys getting sweaty after a long car ride – even with the air condition on high. Yes, my windows are no longer opened to let in the cool morning air, and I’ve begun ordering iced coffee instead of a hot latte. I know that summer is well on its way. Some might even say it’s here.

But I tell those people to shut their Texas-lovin’ mouths. Summer is NOT here, got it? Summer does not commence until I tear off the calendar page to reveal that it is June 1st. I don’t care that it’s 90 degrees. I don’t care that school is almost out. I don’t care that snow cone stands are popping up everywhere.

Spring is not over.

I still have one more month of enjoying the weather in non-air conditioning, and don’t you dare try and take it away from me. Are we clear? Good.

I’m sorry to have to be a little harsh with you, May. I hope you can forgive me, I just sometimes don’t like your attitude. As a peace offering, here are some photos from a recent park excursion we took. I’d like to point out that we were not sweating. Because it’s not summer.

The park closest to us has a beautiful little pond and a short nature trail that goes around it. The boys loved walking out on the dock for our Mama duck and duckling sightings. I made sure to point out that the ducklings followed the Mama wherever she went. None of them went all renegade and started swimming off on their own. They did not try to run out into the street, across the parking lot, or through a crowded store without their Mama. Nope, they lined up and sweetly swam with their Mama, because they knew she would keep them safe.

Of course my nature lesson was a little less than helpful when one of the ducklings started swimming all willy nilly by itself. The Mama duck quacked gently to try and get it back in line, but not use. Eventually the Mama duck had to chase the duckling down, quacking loudly as she herded her baby back with the rest.

I feel ya, Mama duck.


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